Oceanfront Home that is bathed in color: Montauk Residence

February 21, 2011 Comments Off on Oceanfront Home that is bathed in color: Montauk Residence

Pentagram Architects are the designers of the unique Montauk Residence which is located in Montauk, New York. The project includes two separate buildings that are totally different from each other. Both the main and the guest house have their distinct characteristics. Due to the outdoor area, one can benefit from the close proximity of the ocean. The residence is especially built for a young couple (a film producer and a writer), so this is the reason why it accommodates a writer’s studio which is located on the roof of the main building. Additionally, the splendid home based theatre in the basement would serve the needs of the young lady who will conduct her rehearsals in the red room.

Are curious to read more about the challenges that came with the fulfillment of this project? Actually, the execution of such an impressive project that focuses on a transparent and open house is a real technical achievement at the background of the northern Atlantic shore. The house is literally at the beach as its construction is open to the outside with the huge sliding glass walls that lead you directly to the beachfront.

This house is comfy and stylish in all seasons and one can hardly resist its unique ambience. The radiant heated floors, the geothermal wells, glass and doors that implement a new technological innovation, along with the construction that is devoted to every single detail makes the house the home of your dreams.

If our description cannot fully provide you with a better understanding of the architectural plan, just take a look at the photos below and find out what a stunning performance truly means.

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