Office spaces – MAD offices London

December 20, 2013 Comments Off on Office spaces – MAD offices London

I Architects have been assigned to create studio MAD offices. There have been drawings and sketches which inspired the creation of each element in those spaces. Luckily the drawing quickly become a reality.
These are very warm and cozy offices where perfect atmosphere has been achieved and they can be almost called a second home. The foundations are filled with great atmosphere and space due to the natural light which comes through the large windows and flows directly through shelves and stairs. As it comes to the color, the warmth of the natural wood contrasts with the cool white light color.
The common areas can be used by both customers and employees who organize informal meetings and use these impressive areas for leisure and. Designers have chosen neutral colors for common areas, white is fine, but the white seats wouldn’t remain clean for many days, maybe the gray would be a better choice in this case.


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