ORANGE: glass in the kitchen

July 22, 2011 Comments Off on ORANGE: glass in the kitchen

 Provided that you look for classy glass design of your kitchen, you surely follow the trend and our suggestion will inspire you. Aesthetically, the glass is a material that can give the kitchen a surprising dimension. One interesting glass kitchen idea is the series ORANGE by Snaidero, an  Italian company. The  kitchen’s surfaces are made of tempered glass with a thickness of 12mm.

A good example of the finish of this design is the glass door / 22mm thickness/. It is made with a technology that makes the glass to ideally fit into the door.  Thus, every single centimeter is wisely used and we consider it as a kitchen of superior quality.
The crystals are discernible in the gloss or satin finishes. We can find the following colors: royal arctic white, graphite gray, light gray, red, brown and black. If we consider  that there are a total of 70 possible combinations of colors, materials and finishes for a stylish kitchen made of glass, we can imagine how many wonderful designs can be created. Remember that glass is a recyclable product, so it helps reduce the carbon footprint of the glass elements.

The handles are in aluminum colour and they are all integrated into the upper edge of the lower cabinets, drawers,   vertical columns, doors. Thus, they ensure that you will not face any difficulties with opening. Also,  LED lighting with built-in switch can be easily installed in wall units. The drawers have sliding doors and they are finished in wood inside. As you can see from the photos, this glass furniture for your kitchen showcases the highest quality of kitchen interior design.

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