Outdoor Garden Pots with Built-In Lighting – Llum By Vondom

June 30, 2009 Comments Off on Outdoor Garden Pots with Built-In Lighting – Llum By Vondom

Spanish company Vondom likes to surprise everybody by beautiful and in the same time very practical products. To make a usual garden pot isn’t enough for it. Vondom tries to add some additional features to almost every product. For example, we have posted about its creative Moma collection which consists of garden pots combined with small tables. We are pleased to show another interesting collection called Llum. Garden pots from this collection are available in different colors and dimensions. Thanks to large variety of shapes you could find right garden pot which will perfect for your flower. Although its main feature you can appreciate only at night because every pot from the collection have built-in lighting. The internal lighting integrated in the pots’ bottom gives enough light to illuminate any garden or terrace. These pots are perfect for outdoors space because they are frost-resistant and can stay outside during the whole winter. If you are interesting in this collection or this company then you could visit Vondom site and get more information about them.



Light-outdoor-garden-pots-Llum-by-Vondom-3-554x699 Light-outdoor-garden-pots-Llum-by-Vondom-4 Light-outdoor-garden-pots-Llum-by-Vondom-5 Light-outdoor-garden-pots-Llum-by-Vondom-11 A4-PORTADA A4-PORTADA A4-PORTADA Light-outdoor-garden-pots-Llum-by-Vondom-1-554x830

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