Parinee I: the skyscrapers of Bollywood (Mumbai)

September 2, 2011 Comments Off on Parinee I: the skyscrapers of Bollywood (Mumbai)

We will present you the design of a modern skyscraper. It is 160 meters high and it is built right in the heart of Mumbai, India. Parinee I was constructed to house offices related to the movie industry (Bollywood), however, the facades are unique, flexible and this is why some giant LED screens will be included to broadcast movie trailers. Surely this is a brilliant idea for promotion.

There is also space for a restaurant on the top of the skyscraper and it is the perfect place to celebrate events and movie premieres. Parinee tower is also environmentally friendly, because only organic materials were used. The architects also constructed  a system for collecting rainwater as it can be used for toilets. Parinee I is constructed with a particular care and the energy consumption is reduced as much as possible. Actually the glass facade regulates the temperature inside.

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