Parinee Ism: Omega-shaped tower

May 18, 2012 Comments Off on Parinee Ism: Omega-shaped tower

Inspired by the effect that can be achieved by water droplets and waves,Parinee Ism is a 140-meter high tower, designed in Mumbai (India). It is as if you can see plenty of waves on the façade, as well as a silhouette of a shaped omega (Ω), which includes a large central hole.
It’s one of those projects that we truly admire, but we are sure that it will generate contradictory thoughts in some people who pay attention to questionable details such as a giant glass egg center that appears to be the main focus of the building. We can see feasibility and innovation in those luxury homes in the splendid building. In all cases, though, this Bandra Ohm Residential Tower boasts an architectural concept that is second to none.

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