Park House: a home in Tokyo

June 10, 2013 Comments Off on Park House: a home in Tokyo

The Park House is located in a residential neighborhood of Tokyo. This is a home that responds to one of those home projects between borders of Japan. Those homes are not close to each other, and there is some space between neighboring constructions. The biggest architect’s challenge was to satisfy customer’s needs and create a new home on a plot of just 46m2.
Despite these limitations, the architecture studio has been able to develop a good plan for the housing, a multifunctional room (kitchen-dining-living room) and a small bedroom on the upper floor. The ground floor has a front space to park the vehicle, a full bathroom, and two storage rooms.
Especially interesting is the wooden staircase in the house. It has steel elements coated with some wood. This design allows the light from the front to flow everywhere in the house.
We particularly like the sliding doors which are used to access the bedroom and the storage room. The living space is illuminated by the large glass surface of the façade.

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