Phoenix Towers – grand towers and beauty

July 25, 2014 Comments Off on Phoenix Towers – grand towers and beauty

The Phoenix Towers are designed to form part of a strategic plan to revive the region of Wuhan (China), developed in an area which covers an area of 47 hectares. The tallest skyscraper (called Feng) is aimed to be used as a commercial area, while the other (Huang) to provide the cultural and leisure district of the city equipment, but also to incorporate a design with advanced technology that exceeds 1,000 meters to be a reflection of the Chinese cultural identity. The tower is powered by renewable energy.
The tower has sustainable features such as photovoltaic coating, thermal vents, different arrangements of gardens, wind turbines, system for collecting rainwater and recycling waste by biomass boilers and incorporating such fuel cells (hydrogen). All this is intended to supply their own energy needs, and a part of the surrounding area.
Each of the towers is a steel structure, with a core of reinforced concrete.

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