Pure White: an apartment with a white décor

May 15, 2013 Comments Off on Pure White: an apartment with a white décor

It is normal that those who want to have a light house, they choose the white for their walls, but they may want to go further and make it be the dominant color. Pure White is an example of this, it is a detached house situated on a cliff on the Costa Tropical (Almunecar, Spain) and it has used the white color for its lavish interior design.
See how the designer managed to achieve the purity, just look at the furniture and the objects that were designed in white, and notice how only certain elements are finished in gray or black. The master suite is located upstairs and it has been decorated also in white, except the rug, some pillows, the bed linen where we again find the fine use of the black and gray.
The only areas that have been decorated by adding some other colors are the kids room, the game room and the guest room. The magnificent terrace also attracts the attention, because the wooden material is stylishly used and the apartment is a real epitome of serenity.


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