Pyramid House – a unique home which inspires the creativity

November 11, 2013 Comments Off on Pyramid House – a unique home which inspires the creativity

It’s not the first time someone decides to use the pyramid as a volume structure for a house. Today we present you the Pyramid House, a housing concept that has been born from an architectural competition in which simple forms tend to win. The end result will surely be much appreciated by those who prefer clean shapes, but no matter what preferences you have these photos look very convincing.
Although we have no detailed floor plans or sections, the author himself has presented the distribution of colours in the house. We can see that it has two bedrooms, a recording studio and a library. Basically there are three floors, but on the lower floor we recognize a living room and dining room. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this architectural idea is hidden in the geometry, because the forms come in all sizes and proportions, thus the facade of the pyramid fully glazed and the shape is formed somehow quite naturally.
The Pyramid House project belongs to Juan Carlos Ramos, an architect from Michoacan ( Mexico ) and he has also experience as a digital graphic artist and obviously he appreciates the finest details and bold architectural ideas.


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