Ready for small miracles

June 20, 2011 Comments Off on Ready for small miracles

The Italian architect Antonino Cascio was able to build on the limited ground of an old fisherman’s house, located in Costa Azul, a two-storey modern house with a superb terrace. Let’s present you the dream of the interior designer and the owner Nina Somerset.
A tiny fisherman’s house, abandoned, dirty is transformed into an astounding house. It is located in the delightful port of Cap Ferrat, between Cannes and Monte Carlo. It is no wonder that it has caught the attention of a British interior designer and Nina Somerset while they have been walking through the area. “The house itself did not attract at all,” admitted the designer who expressed his opinion that the area is too small to fulfill a grand architectural idea. Yet, the location is attractive enough to catch your attention. The designer imaged a new, modern house with a spacious terrace and splendid views. Nina Somerset decided to buy the house and share her wishes with the architect Antonino Cascio who has taken care of generating thousand creative interior and exterior ideas.

“The truth is that we perfectly work together, because some of his projects are small miracles and it’s obvious that they are realized to the perfection which everybody would have wanted,” emphasizes Nina. Instead of a demolished house, Cascio built a modern two-storey building with glass walls, windows and terraces so that each room has natural light and views of the Mediterranean seascapes. Each level has a direct connection with others through a very small staircase. Would you imagine that somebody can make use of  270 m2 of land available and construct 180 rooms? Well, miracles are always possible. Moreover, there is room to build a separate small building which will serve as a guest apartment. The garden is an elaborate combination of walkways,  clear design, a variety of flowers and  almost Zen-like driveway.

“It’s a dream  that has come true,” says Nina. And if someone falls in love with this house, she will sell it only for a really good price. However, she will not hesitate to build a new house which resembles this one and continues the architectural idea.

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