Remarkable wine bar by Focus Mornata Sacerdoti Architetti

March 21, 2012 Comments Off on Remarkable wine bar by Focus Mornata Sacerdoti Architetti

The wine bar is located on the ground floor of an old building. As the exterior could not be changed, the major intervention was constrained to a pure interior design project. Therefore the main issues were the distribution of space and design elements.
Yet, the space represents the commercial activity, the atmosphere boosts sales in a stylish and smooth way. Thus, the focus is not the service which guests receive at tables, but the wine, offered in a variety of collections and top brands. On one side there is a bar and the ancient arch separates this first floor from the second and the two main halls where tables are elegantly arranged. So the service areas for staff and clients are separated and respectively accessible from the bar and lounge tables.
According to the functional program, the main room is treated uniformly. The walls are in plain colours as the owner did not want to focus on the bright shades. Undoubtedly the guests will be pleasantly surprised with the effect of the flow of light that comes from the bottom LED lamps embedded in the back of the bench. The color palette is complemented by the parquet in gray colours, emphasizing the contrast of warm yellow tones.

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