Remodel your bathroom on a budget

October 16, 2012 1

When you walk in your bathroom, do you get the feeling that you’re about to feel relaxed and pampered, or is your bathroom one of those cold, dank rooms that you want to get in and out of as quickly as possible?

If you don’t enjoy being in your bathroom, but don’t have the budget to replace the whole bathroom, then there are plenty of ways you can improve the existing bathroom so that it’s a nice place to be.

First, you need to de-clutter and give it a really good spring clean. This will allow you to see the space clearly and make decisions on what needs replacing and how you want to redecorate it.

Often the bathroom suite itself doesn’t need replacing. Simply by changing other things around it, you can make the bathroom feel a lot more welcoming. The floor space in the bathroom is often quite small, so replacing the flooring alone won’t be too costly. You can even do this yourself using vinyl flooring tiles available in all the DIY shops. Changing the floor can transform a bathroom’s look.

The walls are easy; you may want to freshen the look of the bathroom with a different colour or add a splash back of tiles around the shower end of the bath or above the basin. Tiling is not that difficult, it just takes practice to get it straight. Use some cheap tiles and practice on a piece of ply before tackling the real thing.

It’s often worth spending any budget you have available on a new shower. Whether you have a mixer shower or an electric shower, you can retrofit new showers to existing pipework quite easily, and the improved flow that you get from a new shower will radically lift your bathing experience!

A few DIY improvements will make your bathroom a much nicer place to be, and adding fresh towels and a new bathmat will bring it all together.

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