Renovated Isaly residence in New York

April 27, 2012 Comments Off on Renovated Isaly residence in New York

We present you today the renovated residence in Gramercy Park, New York which was initially built in 1848. As you can imagine, it’s a real challenge to transform such a house.
The challenge was to reorganize the interior of a typical rental building with two apartments of the same size, one above the other, also a new steel structure was introduced, new plumbing, electricity, and heating.
Analyzing the house, we found that it is easily accessed by a staircase (and elevator) that starts from the ground floor. The new design of the house was made in such a way in order to let the light in the house. Most of the space is bathed in light due to the natural light, coming from the new glass façade.
The second floor features two bedrooms, shared bathroom and a living room,while on the top floor there is a master bedroom set, like a suite, with access to two terraces; one on them faces the building on the other side of the street.
We have loved the lights on the ceilings as they are shaped in organic forms, and the glass facade also features LED lights.In the bathrooms we find unconventional cladding, and a stainless steel sanitary.
The reform of this house between has been carried out by Fractal Construction, in collaboration with designer Ingo Maurer and the sculptor Emilio Garcia.

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