Renovation of an apartment in Amsterdam

February 13, 2012 Comments Off on Renovation of an apartment in Amsterdam

This renovated apartment was built in 70ties in downtown Amsterdam. It is focused on providing its residents it with ample space, maximum natural light that comes through the south facing terrace, as well as stunning views to the city.
On the area of 85m2, this apartment features two rooms, clear lines and everything is arranged to make more space from the living room, kitchen and dining area . The bathroom separates the two rooms, while the shower is also accessible directly from the master bedroom. Interestingly, all doors of the house have been removed and instead there are sliding doors which control the spaces.
The décor is minimalist style and it is achieved by unifying the most of the finishes which are based on wood and white colours. We like this modern apartment in Amsterdam, although we don’t think that the kitchen island is the best decision in this case.

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