Residence Doolittle – it is yours for 3 million USD

March 19, 2014 Comments Off on Residence Doolittle – it is yours for 3 million USD

Doolittle Residence is located on a 4-hectare area of Joshua Tree ( California). It is a contemporary example of what for many is organic, natural and it is a true example of expressionist architecture. It is kept away from trends and it features a custom architectural design.
The idea of this house was conceived in 1988 and it was completed in 1993 , but due to the complexity of the design of its interior spaces, it was not until the 2000s when the Doolittle family was able to accommodate in it. The structure of the residence consists of 26 concrete pillars which define the unique character of the Doolittle Residence.
Despite being in a secluded place, it is a house that maintains at all times a high degree of privacy. It easily lets the natural light from above , and this is where its structure has another important role: slabs that define the cover are not in the same surface and they allow the emergence of many different holes which let the light inside the house.
We know that the house has 3 bedrooms, the master one is located on the top, it is in a circular space from which the room could be seen. The same structure that forms the house is conveyed in the design of other elements: doors, furniture and accessories etc.

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