Residence NQ: house with a pool on the roof

December 17, 2014 Comments Off on Residence NQ: house with a pool on the roof

La Residencia NQ is the project of a house built in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam. It is designed for a family with two daughters, but what makes this house unique is the rooftop pool.
The limitations of the area (15 x 18 meters) made it impossible to have a sunny pool in the garden, why the architects decided to place it on the roof of the second floor, it is on the same level where the master bedroom of the apartment is located. Owing to some structural schemes (see below), we can understand more easily how the NQ House has been built, it contains three bedrooms, a pool and the remaining space has the function of a study room.
The entrance to the house leads to the small lobby and also directly overlooks the main space of the building where the dining room, the kitchen, and living room are located. There are also a shower room and the elevator located right next to the stairs. In order to facilitate ventilation of the basement, the ground floor is about 5 steps over the garden.
The basement is used as a room for storage. Instead of a solid door, each bedroom has a large sliding glass door. On the second floor we find the master bedroom with a terrace where the pool is located.

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