Residence Song: black interior and style

January 10, 2014 Comments Off on Residence Song: black interior and style

The residence Song is one of those experiments that can change our criteria as far as home design is concerned. It’s a much more luxurious and sophisticated solution than I have initially expected. I am especially impressed with natural stone cladding, the furniture which is finished in dark tones and the way the residence makes use of the contrast between polished and rough surfaces.
The property is located in a residential building in Taipei (Taiwan). It occupies an area of 265m2 and is organized as a large “L” shaped space that connects a narrow hallway with five bedrooms with doors that are camouflaged in the texture of the walls. The ceiling mirror creates the illusion that the hall is even narrower. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and some space for a desk.
As you can see on the photos, every corner of the apartment Song complies with the intent of the designers. Undoubtedly, it was no other than an environment that evokes some mystery.

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