Residency Caropá / CASA14- impressive architectural piece

February 6, 2012 Comments Off on Residency Caropá / CASA14- impressive architectural piece

Owners of this home have their three grown children, so they had time to make this home the fulfilled dream of their life and benefit from open spaces, natural light and contemporary style.
The single family residency has a longer architectural block aligned to the delination of their land and thus create large openings to the north side.
The residence features a versatile open area, a garage, inner courtyard that ends to a vertical garden.
The area inside and outside the residence are integrated on both sides and provide a generous amount of natural light and ventilation, ensuring comfort for its inhabitants.

The living space integrates all environments (living, kitchen and dining room). Importantly, while these spaces correspond to each other due to an internal square in the house, they create a large living area bathed in light and leading the indoor and outdoor gardens. Fairly clear sectoring allows versatile use of space in isolation
The desire to create integrated spaces, but also well-sectored, versatile living areas, and ensuring comfort and a moderate temperature, led to the idea for the volume of the residence, which is in the form of a concrete box , an element that seems to float. The volume defined frontral concrete terrace that connects the bedrooms, as well as it serves as a protection for the ground floor. The visual weight of its volume gives way to the lightness and elegance in the core elements.
Simple and sober colors also make structural features.

The staircase leading to the terrace is aligned with the movement of the ground floor, creating a prism upon arrival at the roof that protects the facade.
As the neighborhood is located in an upper area of the city and its surroundings, residents of this beautiful house has the opportunity to contemplation of the landscape and take advantage of the privileged location that allow them to remain at home while being close to the urban lifestyle. The roof slab was opened to use, expanding the living room to visualize the landscape of São Paulo.

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