Restaurant Design ‘Hot Paper’ by Wamhouse

April 2, 2012 Comments Off on Restaurant Design ‘Hot Paper’ by Wamhouse

Our world changes and the technology embrace our lifestyle. Perhaps now you are reading our article on your smartphone or tablet, but let’s go back to the times when reading a newspaper was something that everybody did on a daily basis. We present you a restaurant which design revolves around the idea of the newspaper. It’s called Hot Paper and is located in the Polish city Tczew. Almost all the walls are composed of two panels, so that the deepest is decorated with a wallpaper that looks like the real newspaper.

This set of plans has been enhanced with the difference of the texture/color, lighting and subtle elements, resulting in a striking effect, which has been used even in the toilets. The restaurant is divided into two areas, leaving 98m2 for the dining room and the rest for the kitchen area. From the entrance one can see the tables in the restaurant, leaving enough space for a small bar, surrounded by many drinks next to the wall.
The design of the bathrooms is beautifully finished. The oak floor contrasts with the dark ceiling, the design of the small hanging lamps,and the high quality furniture. The interior design of the restaurant is created by the architectural studio Wamhouse.

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