Ribbons Garden: skyscrapers to Netanya (Israel)

January 9, 2012 Comments Off on Ribbons Garden: skyscrapers to Netanya (Israel)

 An interesting tower will be built for the new City Hall and Cultural Center in Netanya (Israel). Although it is a city with less than 200 000 inhabitants and situated in the old part, it seems that the authorities are determined to have their municipal offices in a 135m high skyscraper.
Apart from the irregular shape, unique geometry of each of its plants that vary in height, the building includes also 10 courts of 4-5 storeys (see drawings) that help the natural ventilation. The facade is marked by horizontal lines that provide natural light to the upper floors. The tower in Garden Ribbons is designed in accordance with a sustainable model, although no details are further revealed.
In addition to the municipal offices, the complex will include parking, entertainment, cultural, and community areas.

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