S House, a project by Glamuzina Paterson

April 30, 2014 Comments Off on S House, a project by Glamuzina Paterson

The name says it all, because S_House is just that, a big ” S ” placed in a rectangular plot 72 feet long and it follows the typical pattern of other houses in the suburbs of Auckland ( Australia ). The building features also beautiful gardens.
An important advantage of the linear layout of the building is its relationship with the landscape as anywhere from the S_House one can easily access the garden. The interior is being organized along a corridor, which starts and ends in the living room in the master bedroom with an intermediate space that functions as playing space for children.
In total there are four bedrooms, two bathrooms (one of them in the parents room) , a bathroom and a pantry. The largest space is shared by the kitchen, dining and living room, the latter located six steps below the dining room.
The Casa_S has its facades coated with cedar wood and metal covers.
This project was carried out by Paterson Architects Glamuzina and it has received several awards : Auckland Architecture Award 2012 and New Zealand Architecture Award 2013 (winner in the category “residential buildings”) .



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