San Juan Cliffside: the hillside house

May 13, 2013 Comments Off on San Juan Cliffside: the hillside house

San Juan Cliffside is one of those modern houses which built to be enjoyed during the long holiday periods. Its design is intended to make the maximum use of the splendid panorama and its natural surroundings. We are not surprised since it is located on a hillside of the San Juan Island (Washington, USA).
This house has two floors and it is accessible from every one of them. It offers two panoramic terraces on its roof. The third outdoor space is linked to the leisure activities which can enjoy on the lower floor, and it also features a fireplace.
The main entrance is located on the top floor. Once inside, we will find a great space for the living room (with another fireplace), the dining room and the cozy kitchen.
According to the floor plans, there is a smaller building right at the entrance of the house, but it is used as a garage, and it is likely to be transformed to a guest room.
It should be noted that this project showcases the gray exterior finish with a texture which makes use of the horizontal lines. We also liked the garden and, of course, the tasteful décor inside the house.


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