Santa Caterina House – the power of clean lines

February 8, 2013 1

Throughout the history, the configuration and structure of a house have undergone changes that follow the logical evolution of architectural trends and the change of inhabitants’ social habits.
In the house Santa Caterina we recognize the  contemporary trend which makes the connection between the public and private spaces of the house.
We find a large kitchen, which is built on the traditional cement floor tiles, and it offers an area with deep social and entertainment vibes beyond the simple functionality.
The kitchen is on the third floor of the house. It has a large table and solid natural wood; the furniture and lighting exude elegance with the old wrought iron and marble.
In the lounge, a white leather sofa and pure lines are finished with white and deep turquoise. The architectural volumes provide a sense of freedom and at the same time the stylish atmosphere is absorbing enough to make us happy and self-confident.
What do you think about this house?


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  1. cam @ advocate homes February 11, 2013 at 6:50 AM -

    This house is my kind of style. Particularly love the bedroom and the use of nature in the form of plants is a great finishing touch.