Serene atmosphere with light and color

October 19, 2011 Comments Off on Serene atmosphere with light and color

The color and light are very important in the decoration as they have the ability to generate a special atmosphere.  For a refreshing space there is not as cool colors as those accompanied by soft neutral shades, especially white. The wide range of green, blue and violet are the colors that create a feeling of freshness, and you should apply them on walls or other decoration.

As we said, good colors create the warm atmosphere, but they also have the ability to visually expand the space.

Good lighting also helps. So it’s good to paint your walls in white or use white curtains and light fabrics with light wood and all kinds of textiles in the same set of colors. It’s fine to leave small objects in vivid colors and dark shades. If it is so complex, you can always use pastel colors with neutral tones as they always give good results. Start by changing the paint on the walls, continue with textiles and finish with trendy accessories. The use of metallic accents, crystal, light woods, indoor plants and flowers can also help you create a fantastic atmosphere in your home.


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