Shell House – architectural sophistication in Japan

January 29, 2014 Comments Off on Shell House – architectural sophistication in Japan

The Shell House is located in a residential area of Fukuoka, Japan. It has an area of 254 square meters. It is located on two floors, but the entry is mysteriously hidden. The natural light comes through various patios with different sizes and it is dispersed in the building. The natural light and the wood paneling highlight the project.
This house shows other ways how we can organize our home. We believe that reviewing such bold and untraditional architectural projects, it is a good opportunity to open our mind a bit, and be inspired by floor plans, sections and photos.
The main entrance to the house only leads to the western yard. The front door in this facade bring us the sense of mystery, because it is as if hidden. If we get out of the car while it’s raining, we will probably get web. This is why the owners have decided to build an additional overhang.
The ground floor has everything you would normally find in a contemporary home. Main spaces in the house are a living room, kitchen and typical Japanese room.
The wood creates a sense of ample space, inner coatings have excellent finishes which are especially visible on the stairs. The top floor has two bedrooms for the kids. There are holes in the fairly narrow façade and this is why the light comes from all over the house. The master bedroom has a dressing room and access to a couple of terraces, but it is unclear whether it has its own bathroom. It is likely that the bathroom is located on the lower floor.
If you are looking for some inspiration today, have a look at the photos and let us know whether you like this Japanese home.

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