Silenzio: a sink built into the wall

March 8, 2013 Comments Off on Silenzio: a sink built into the wall

This is not the ordinary sink which you will see in your kitchen. It seems that the wall itself is a real sink. This can be achieved only with Silenzio, Silence, a modern sink which was designed by the Italian Antoniolupi. This design has been accomplished due to the qualities of Corian acrylic stone which has facilitated the integration into the bathroom. Once the sink is mounted, it needs to be brushed and polished, and it needs to be finally painted with it the same color as the wall in order to provide consistency of your bathroom design.
But the effect of this “sink in the wall” has been enhanced by the hidden lighting which makes the water vanishes. The design is quite bold, and we think that it’s extravagant both for your home bathroom, and public places.

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