Silky touch- bright rooms and soft furnishings

July 11, 2011 Comments Off on Silky touch- bright rooms and soft furnishings

The brightness and clarity in different rooms of your home assures that the house is spacious and clean. It’s not so difficult to achieve this as those qualities are associated with simplified style, well chosen furniture, as well as the idea of ​​textures and light colors.

Additional interior elements play an important role in this type of decoration that is perfect for homes and locations with insufficient natural light.

The most popular fabrics are cotton and linen. They are also perfect choice for different interior combinations.

If you love variety and you are always in good mood, then the floral motifs will provide freshness and vitality in your home. Brightness requires a range of natural colours: beiges, pastel purple, blue, green, gray etc. It all depends on the combinations, though, a warm color can be really cool if it’s combine with various nuances of cool colours.

Green colours are characteristic of the elegant, but yet energetic style.

Don’t miss to put some lovely flowers in your room, because all flowers are the symbol of life. We have provided great ideas for your interior, however, you should personalize your style in accordance with your characteristics and preferences. Which elements do make your home different and original?

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