Simply awesome – 2020 Dubai World Expo

December 9, 2013 Comments Off on Simply awesome – 2020 Dubai World Expo

Following the theme and motto “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future “, Dubai, a city famous for its splendor and architectural surprises, will host the World Expo 2020. This means that the design created by the company will be finally developed. The venue is close to the new Dubai International Airport (Jebel Ali), it will have three themed pavilions and the event is expected to attract over 25 million visitors during the six -month duration of the Expo.
The three flagship pavilions at Expo 2020 arise from a central square called ‘Al Wasl’ , which means ‘connection’ and it has a design that is inspired by traditional Arab market. The largest pavilions are scattered around and there is a pedestrian area which encourages interaction among visitors.
A remarkable part of the design is certainly a structure with photovoltaic fabric covering the main areas. It plays the role of a giant sunshade, capable of generating energy. The strategy also the recycling of waste water, reuse of materials.
After the exhibition is over, the theme pavilions will serve as a Museum of the Future.
HOK is a famous company that has remarkable design, architecture, engineering and planning projects. I am sure that you are curious to see more, so prepare yourself and take a look at the photo gallery.


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