Skidome Denmark – the beauty of the white

December 21, 2012 Comments Off on Skidome Denmark – the beauty of the white

Are you ready to hit the slopes? If you love the white stuff, we would like to amaze you with the project for the largest indoor ski world on the globe.
According to its creators (ZEBRA), the Randers Skidome seems to bring Alps to Denmark, and it will soon become an incredible space for all skiers, both adults and children, beginners or experienced.
The three arches of this megastructure are 110 meters high above the arch. Apart from the attention that this project will receive once you have reviewed the photos, there are also other interesting facts revealed:
• The areas for hotel, restaurants, and shops, estimated to more than 70,000 square meters.
• All Skidome deck surfaces are open and they are connected with a few rides to city level.
• The upper arch is a ski resort, with real snow inside, but the outside cover of concrete can be used for outdoor activities (skate boarding, bmx, skating, etc.), and ski lifts.
• The arc cover has a different purpose, it has no lifts since it is suitable for a relaxing walk.


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