Skylight House in Australia

November 14, 2014 Comments Off on Skylight House in Australia

The Skylight House is a project in Australia. It is built on a low budget and it is designed to accommodate a family of six members. The structure enhances natural light and the relationship with the garden.
Finally it was decided that the new building should have one floor, and had to drastically transform the cross section to allow opening of five skylights (the building already had 2). Part of the internal organization of the house was also to change it to make it more compact, with a central area with a new bathroom and laundry.
It is important to note that the bricks of the demolished structural walls were reused in the new construction. All the woodwork located below the reference line is American oak ceiling, while the floor is made with a layer of polished concrete, including installing underfloor heating. In the bedrooms, and on the magnificent terrace that connects the dining room to the garden, we find the style of the wooden floor. We also see that the wood has been used to cover some of the walls, creating a group with a clear color palette which helps maintain a bright interior.
Another interesting detail is displayed on the facade where we find installed some sliding screens to control solar energy and privacy of the residents. This is a project that has taken into account certain sustainability guidelines to increase natural light, reducing the need to turn on lights during the day. The underfloor heating has a low energy consumption.

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