Skyline Lab: Snaidero kitchen

May 21, 2012 Comments Off on Skyline Lab: Snaidero kitchen

I am sure that you are curious and you have just opened the photo gallery below. However, do not perceive this model as a kitchen design with attractive curved lines, because in fact Skyline Furniture Lab is particularly suitable for disabled clients. Proof of this is that there is nothing under the sink or cooking plate as the intention was not to give other than full accessibility for people who are in wheelchairs.
These kitchen cabinets are filled with great details designed to make one’s work easier in the kitchen. Not only does it feature design so that everything is at hand, but there are also a garbage bin with wheels, the cabinets have sliding doors, the sink is not positioned so high etc. … As you can see in a photo, there is a solution designed for installation in a corner. That’s what we call success, because compact premises are something that we all need!
This kitchen is available in various finishes and colors, and the top can be rolled; it features stainless steel, or stone (quartz, marble, or granite).

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