Slip House: а house with glass facade panels

October 8, 2012 Comments Off on Slip House: а house with glass facade panels

This building represents a new style of living. It is located on a street in Brixton (England) where we will find many houses in Victorian style. It’s a three-story residence and the most catchy feature is the coating of the façade, covered with translucent glass panels.
Slip House also has very peculiar distribution as the ground floor is open plan, designed to be multifunctional, but right now it’s more an experiment, made by the architect of the project, rather than a complete solution. The bedroom and bathroom are located on the first floor, while the living room and kitchen are on the second floor. From this level it leads to the roof (perfect to use as a solarium or so-called room of the sun), which is also hidden behind the glass panels. Actually this is the ‘backyard’ of the house.
Lookat the photos and take a look at the skylights that provide more natural light into the workspace and kitchen. Also we should note the availability of the furniture (with wheels) in the room, and perfectly fitted wardrobes in the bedrooms, as well as the presence of a plywood door. The floors are finished with polished concrete.
The project aims to adapt this design to develop an affordable housing, a workspace and to create models of two apartments.

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