Small, lovely apartments in Scandinavian Style

December 8, 2011 Comments Off on Small, lovely apartments in Scandinavian Style

not have too many square meters. This style emanates light and white because of the color and harmony that is felt in the air … Yes, even though these are indeed small apartments, they seem airy and spacious.
If you apply smart design, it can do wonders for you. This property, a , is located in Alvhem and it has a practical design, beautiful and functional, it has a style which is  pure enchantment.

The area is only 51 square meters, but it is elegantly furnished. This beautiful home has a sense of space and the element that contributes the most is  the front door.
Very close to the front door of the house, we find the heart of the home. High ceilings provide the sense of space and the light comes from walls painted in white. We can feel a relaxing atmosphere that is second to none.

In the lounge area we find the bed, couch and a reading area. We also find a small space for storing clothes and all this makes Scandinavian-style apartment a place that offers the highest comfort in the small space available.
The walls and ceilings were made of plaster and were painted in white, so the light reflected from the window makes the room look bigger than it really is.  The kitchen is big enough and leaves room for a small dining area and a work area. As you can see that décor is simplified, due to the white finishing. Moreover, the splendid combination of complementary colors scattered throughout the apartment make this a very attractive highlight in the interior design.

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