Snaidero kitchen design

December 5, 2012 Comments Off on Snaidero kitchen design

Snaidero Board is a result of the idea of an alternative approach to the modern kitchens, highlighting the functionality and comfort. It is a concept which is seemingly simple, but it has required a great commitment from the Italian company-producer, Snaidero. This is one of the best proposals for fitted kitchens that can be found today in the market. It is suitable for industrial contemporary spaces which don’t need to be spacious in all occasions. It’s a flexible solution that is also very customizable.
This design is a cantilevered block in which we recognize the most important functions of the kitchen sink, a cooking plate etc. Snaidero BOARD structure is self-supporting and is anchored to the cabinets. Another thing which we have noticed is that the entire front part is covered by a translucent panel which serves to diffuse a warm light, giving the kitchen a unique, intimate atmosphere.

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