SOM Urban wins competition with the City of Innovation (Beijing)

February 29, 2012 Comments Off on SOM Urban wins competition with the City of Innovation (Beijing)

Now experts from SOM will end up doing all the extensions of the city of Beijing, because now the proposal has won the the development plan “Bohai Innovation City”. It is closely relatd to the new high speed rail line between the Chinese capital and Tanggu.
This new district is located in the outskirts of Beijing and it shapes a satellite city at considerable length (17.6 km2). The city is planned, following a sustainable development project that aims to be a role model with almost half the area devoted to green space. The rest will be homes, shops, offices, and transportation. As usual in this type of projects, the station is properly connected to the transport infrastructure
The team of SOM has set an ambitious plan which envisions the collection of rain water, the generation of renewable energy, proper waste treatment and efficien design. We like the subtle elements in the radial layout as they are perfectly incorporated into its design.


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