SOM won the competition for the skyscraper of Gothenburg

July 30, 2014 Comments Off on SOM won the competition for the skyscraper of Gothenburg

The proposal called POLSTÄRNAN (“North Star”) has won the competition for the skyscrapers of Gothenburg (Sweden). The building is 230 meters high and it will be visible from the city center and the river. It shapes the Karlavagnsplatsen area, where there are also 15 blocks of flats, offices, shops, and services, creating a district to strengthen the regional center, following sustainable development.
The idea has been developed by the team of architects and the famous American Bureau of SOM (Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill). The jury has described the proposal as a creative identity that takes a holistic approach to both skyscrapers and the urban environment. The proposal integrates the local environment in a whole that enables a vibrant urban environment, giving character to the neighborhood, and a new symbol to Gothenburg.
The design is energy efficient. Each apartment in the residential area will have a terrace, and a magnificent view. The project should be completed by 2019.

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