Spectacular house by Daniel Libeskind

May 6, 2013 Comments Off on Spectacular house by Daniel Libeskind

The odd name of this house is derived from 18.36.54. This house consists of 18 structures, 36 vertices and 54 edges that define the volume. It is a 185m2 building located on a farm with an area of nearly 22 acres. This house by Daniel Libeskind is located in Connecticut, USA. The panels and the bronze stainless steel with mirrors make this house look particularly impressive in a different way, reflecting the surrounding landscape.
Fortunately, this house offers spectacular architectural spaces, defined by walls and sloping roofs where slight changes are introduced. The arrangement of this house is quite open, but it also inspires a warm hospitality, because the wood has been used to finish the entire interior. The custom design of virtually every element of the house (sinks, faucets, furniture) makes us conclude that this home is a masterpiece of the contemporary architecture.

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