Spotting potential when scouting for property

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Spotting potential when scouting for property

Often when homeowners decide to sell a property, they don’t do enough to reveal the building’s potential. In many cases, the decorations and furnishings remain styled to the taste of the owner, while day to day clutter hides the real charm and space available inside the building.

Here, we take a look at ways to spot the hidden potential of properties when looking to move.

Outside space

Whether you’re looking for a property investment or a family home, there’s no denying that outside space is one of the most valuable attributes a building can have. In addition to that, it’s one of the easier selling points to spot.

When it comes to the valuation of a property, it can be surprising how much of an effect can be had by tidying up the outside space. If you view a property with ample but unworked outside space then you could be in for a great value buy.

Just a few days work and a tiny investment can add heaps to the value of a home.

Don’t be blinded by layouts

The layout of a home contributes a great deal to its overall feel. A bad layout can let down an otherwise spectacular property and an initially unappealing space can be transformed for the better by a simple layout change.

While structural changes are something which will require a little research and usually a second opinion, buyers should never underestimate the possibility for change.

Look at similar properties

You don’t have to look at houses for sale in Suffolk  for long to recognise that it’s not unusual for similar properties to crop up on the market. This can be a great way for you to see what can be done with a home.

Looking at two properties whose shell is the same can help you to see how different a property can become with a little work.

Research the area

The feel of a property can be changed dramatically by the feel of the surrounding area. While it will be up to you to carry out any changes to the property which you buy, changes to the surrounding area will often be out of your hands.

w460-r0 (1)If there are changes planned to the area surrounding a property, there’s no doubt that they will affect the feel and the value of that property. Spotting potential in a property therefore requires you to spot potential in the surrounding area.

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