Spotty: lamp 3 in 1

October 10, 2012 Comments Off on Spotty: lamp 3 in 1

When the design is not a part of an industrial manufacturing process, usually it takes some time to perceive its quality, especially if there is a craftsmanship behind. These Spotty lamps are handmade and even though they have some imperfections, each has a custom finish which makes it unique.
On its surface there are subtle variations that can function as a floor lamp, sideways on a table, or just hanging from the ceiling. But best of all the features you will find in the warm, soft feel of wood (walnut, oak, beech, cherry, walnut and black), with a blend of organic oil finishes with UV protection. There are two such large Spotty lamps: 16cm in diameter (16cm tall) and 20cm diameter 20cm high.

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