Start 03: bedroom furniture for children

December 4, 2013 Comments Off on Start 03: bedroom furniture for children

There are families with a couple of children, only a few bedrooms at home and in most cases rooms are not too big. Therefore, it is essential to find furniture that creates a youthful atmosphere and allows you to best take advantage of the available space. Some furniture manufacturers seem to have realized that typical solutions are not always best ones. Today we have Start 03, a furniture manufacturer that organizes two beds at different levels with the original arrangement which you cannot miss.
The main idea of this furniture revolves around the concept that youngsters can have their neat, arranged bedroom even if the room space is limited. There are several storage options, either with shelves on both floors, with cabinets of different sizes and many other surprises that kids will love. Looking at these photos, I wish I were a kid to enjoy this comfort. Do you agree with me, do you want to have a room like this?


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