Stylish shop Shoebaloo in Rotterdam

December 30, 2011 Comments Off on Stylish shop Shoebaloo in Rotterdam

 Due to the success of the Shoebaloo shoe shop in Amsterdam, the owners thought it was an idea to ask again MVSA architects to devise a new, modern design which they wanted to apply for their newly opened shoe boutique shop in Rotterdam. Now the store is even more modern and it achieves an impressive ,  based on modular elements irregular, reflective surfaces and carefully selected lighting.

In fact it is virtually impossible to pass from the street directly to the store, because you will inevitably stare at the  unique shop windows  in the shape of the original leather-covered windows which as if display shoes that look like precious jewels. The 375m2 store is full of with low-light decor, focusing on white plastic modular furniture that exhibits shoes, boots and handbags.   The central part of the space is occupied by some cabinets and white plastic benches that follow the unique style of the rest, but are in contrast to the black velvet furniture. Mirrored ceiling and a floor with a high degree of reflection add also a special charm to this super luxury shoe shop.

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