Summer holiday home in Austria by Judith Benzer

June 4, 2012 Comments Off on Summer holiday home in Austria by Judith Benzer

This apparently simple construction is actually a summer house which is built south of Burgenland (Austria). Its exterior features harmonious finishes, even the doors and windows are covered with an outer panel folding, so along with the wooden material this leaves the house completed in all aspects.
Its basement is composed of reinforced concrete walls, but it has access to the top level. The summer retreat has several rooms that serve as a warehouse, wineries. The two upper floors do not communicate with the basement. Upper floors also serve as dwellings, and are built with wood, steel and concrete.
An interesting staircase rises to the study room. Well, we’d better say “complicated”, because once you have seen the structure of steel plates (cantilever), you would feel the vibrations from one going down the stairs.

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