Summer passion: the residence Kallitechnoupolis in Greece

January 2, 2014 Comments Off on Summer passion: the residence Kallitechnoupolis in Greece

This house by Tense Architecture Network has been built in the residential area Kallitechnoupolis (Greece). It features a remarkable design, because the owners needed a solution which will help them protect their privacy and allow them enjoy the panoramic view seen from the hill. Limitations have led to a rather unusual house with concrete walls and a sloping roof. The volume is a monolithic piece that is protected from eyes of curious neighbours from neighbouring houses. This architectural piece has two colors: dark underworld to the outside and lighter shades inside.
The building has three floors which allow access to the upper level where we find the kitchen and the main room. Bedrooms are located on a lower level, characterized by a division with a curved path. Look at the photo gallery to get a better understanding how this impressive house looks like.


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