Sumptuous Residence with a Feminine Flavour: Acquavilla

February 18, 2011 Comments Off on Sumptuous Residence with a Feminine Flavour: Acquavilla

If you wish to indulge in a modern fairytale, then just explore Acquavilla. It is a piece of art by Winn Wittman Architecture together with Jeremy Broussard and builder Gary Robinson who put all their efforts to create an astounding renovation of a mid 80’s wreck. Yes, you heard it correctly; the wreck is a true testament for the creative mind of architects, as well as the colorful blend of forms and grandeur. The project is located in Austin, Texas. Even though the project faced many challenges along the way, it has been recently completed. Architects state that the design and forms perfectly reflect the eccentric personality of the property owner. The most captivating feature of the building is the pool which seems to be united element with the nearby lake that complement to the beautiful residence. We also appreciate the two garages which serve as a show-room. The original facade boasts a rich decoration of a custom-designed metal panel system that adopts some leaf motives. This pattern is also used inside the residence as it is applied to glass doors or windows. The light is the most beautiful feature in every room as it contributes to the highly modern and luxurious interiors.

If you look for unique atmosphere which makes you feel like being truly special, then enjoy the creative mix of color, light and shade and homely ambiance and strong feminine look.

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