Sumptuous style in Mallorca

November 8, 2013 Comments Off on Sumptuous style in Mallorca

This architectural beauty is situated in Port Adriano, a recently renovated marina designed by Philippe Starck. It is located in the southwest of Mallorca.
Five spaces attract our attention: the VIP area, the art installations, outdoor lounge, back office and the space between the boxes and exhibition gallery. Three boxes (boxes are the structural volumes which separate the spaces in the house) are located inside the home and two outside the gallery space where they have an extra exposure to the terraces. The boxes are covered with stainless golden steel sheet with a mirror reflective finish. The interior space is bounded by three glass sides that are illuminated by a backlight which provides a homogeneous and intense illumination so as to avoid reflections of the gold boxes. The whole project reflects the luxury world by proposing a set of appearances where things different from their real shape. Simple and orthogonal boxes appear as wavy and distorted, the marine environment and yachts are reflected as bright, complex and sublime objects.

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