Supreme: a modern kitchen by Moka

May 14, 2012 Comments Off on Supreme: a modern kitchen by Moka

Surely some of you believe that a kitchen should be a place where you can both rest and take your way to the best culinary journey ever. Still many people don’t choose white as the color for their kitchens, because they don’t find it appropriate enough. Well, white is not synonymous with boring atmosphere, in fact we are ready to prove you wrong with today’s ideas. Our example is the Supreme design, a modern kitchen in white, welcoming space that incorporates different color touches on some elements.
The Italian manufacturer presented it as “the first white kitchen with all the colors within”, and this is not said without credible reason. In this kitchen, the furniture and kitchen appliances are seamlessly integrated with a unique kitchen island that features carefully integrated lighting, and you can choose from over 200 variations of material, not only glass, but wood and also metal.

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