Swedish Minimalism: Villa UH1 by RB Arkitektur

June 17, 2009 Comments Off on Swedish Minimalism: Villa UH1 by RB Arkitektur

Designed by the creative folks at RB Arkitektur as a German bunker from the Second World War, Villa UH1 is actually a minimalist home with contemporary accents. Meant as a single-family house, it’s actually an eco-friendly example of how to go beyond the boundaries. Located on a soft natural slope in a residential area of Stockholm, it features a roof covered in green moss and uses geothermal energy to harness energy (a heat pump suplies the under-floor heating system). Villa UH1 features an inner courtyard for privacy, has large windows to promote natural lighting, large open spaces and amazing furniture. We love it!  – viavilla-uh1-sweden-1

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