Sweet dreams

October 3, 2011 1

 We will present you a fantastic project of the talented designer Karim Rashid. We created
romantic and colour spaces of Nhow Hotel in Berlin, one of the most vibrant areas of the German capital.
The fascinating building is surrounded by trendy pubs and best live music venues. The hotel is a part of the brand  Nhow of NH Hoteles, a concept born in Milan.The concept gives life to all hotels that accommodate art inclined guests and those that appreciate Italian design movement. The rigorous concrete architecture, designed by Sergei Tchoban, recalls the austerity of the local features, the enhancement of the volumes has a great impact. And, of course, Karim Rashid has handled the interior task from a revolutionary point of view. The entry of the hotel leads to a chromatic universe, created through furniture with natural shapes and fantastic decorative elements.
Pink, green and blue are intertwined in hotel’s most relaxing, stained floors.All fabrics and materials are used with a commitment to sustainability. To add some special touch to the vibrant sound visual tour, you can enjoy visiting music recording studios or even request a guitar performance to feel relaxed in your own room. No matter what we will say, you can imagine and feel the atmosphere of this exquisitely designed hotel if you don’t indulge in the atmosphere.

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