Tables that bring light in the bedroom: original designs

November 11, 2011 Comments Off on Tables that bring light in the bedroom: original designs

When you think of your bedroom, you think of it as something yours and sheer private. The bedroom represents your style, your preferences and your comfort. Although the bed is the central element, because this is the place where we have some rest, the night table is the element of every room. How many times you needed to have a glass of water in the middle of the night or check your cell phone or turn on the light nearby? This is why I leave prepared everything I might be missing and put it on my night table so that my sleep is not interrupted for some reason.
Original kinds of bedside tables
It’s not easy to combine the functionality with a touch of taste and sense of decoration. If you had not considered this before, here are some ideas of what you have been looking for to give a different appearance to your room.
The kind of your bedside table may be different. From a Baroque style, through retro to a modern one. However, make sure that the style the rest of the furniture, especially your bed.

A style that is very popular in fashion, accessories and furniture, is the vintage. A combination of classic styles with French and English antique finishes gives an elegant and romantic appearance of your bedroom. If you have an old table, please, do not throw it away, but take it and refurbish, you do not know how pretty it is, just look at the vintage night table in your room!

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